VoIP Systems for Small Business (Voice Over IP)

VoIP or Voice over IP has made quite a stir in the telecoms industry recently. There are many reasons why you should look at a VoIP system for your small business, here are our top 5:

  1. Flexibility – VoIP offers you choices and options that traditional telephony models just can’t match. Home-worker and remote office extensions off your main system – YES. Outsourced hosting of your system – YES. Keep your number and take it anywhere in the world – YES.
  2. Decoupling – being less reliant on telephony giants means you are no longer bound to play by their rules – which inevitable favour them rather than you. Being aware of lead-times does help significantly, but these lead times are massively reduced with VoIP systems, thus causing less of an impact on your business.
  3. Response Times – moving away from larger companies who are unable to respond to your requirements as quickly as you need gives you the choice of a company who CAN drop everything to make things happen for you at a speed you need.
  4. Resilience – the internet has grown up to be a very stable and resilient system, with load-balancing and multiple redundant routes increasing performance and up-time to a near-perfect level. VoIP leverages both existing and purpose-built networks alongside the mature technologies to take advantage of them.
  5. Open Source – much of the VoIP network operating today is based on open standards, allowing anyone to develop and improve upon them freely. Many people who do this feed-back their work to the community for nothing, to make things better for everyone. Whilst it can sometimes mean too many options, it does generally ensure a high level of compatibility and interoperability of equipment, systems and solutions.
  6. Scalable – VoIP systems typically scale easily and with a near-linear cost from 2 to 200 users.

Lansalot VoIP Systems for Small Business

Lansalot supply and support a variety of setups of VoIP Systems for small businesses, which are tailored exactly to the client’s needs. These include:

  • On-premise system – operated like a traditional PBX where the system is located on-site, and connected to the world via VoIP Trunks. This system is best suited to larger, single-site companies.
  • Hosted systems – a virtual PBX hosted in a datacentre means you do not have any concerns over physical security, maintenance, and fewer concerns over internet connectivity, logical security etc because these are all managed for you as part of a monthly contract.

When deciding on which VoIP system is right for your small business, we will take into account;

  • The size of your company, the number of extensions you will need
  • The number of locations you operate from
  • The type and speed of broadband available at each location along with the number of users at each location
  • Your specific requirements such as call-recordings which affect the size of system you need
  • The level and type of support and maintenance cover you need

If you are interested in an individually tailored VoIP System solution for your small business, based on industry-leading systems and years of IT and telephony experience, please get in touch and we will gladly discuss your exact requirements.