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VoIP Systems for Small Business (Voice Over IP)

VoIP or Voice over IP has made quite a stir in the telecoms industry recently. There are many reasons why you should look at a VoIP system for your small business, here are our top 5: Flexibility – VoIP offers you choices and options that traditional telephony models just can’t match. Home-worker and remote office […]

Tariffs and Charges – VOIP Services (Voice over Internet Protocol)

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Our Hosted VOIP PBX system is charged at 3 rates, Bronze, Silver or Gold. All extensions are billed at the same rate per month of £7.50 | £10 | £12.50 Bronze service includes only basic access to the system and support for issues. It does not include any changes you require us to make to […]

VOIP Full Ratecard

Standard Ratecard for VOIP services. These are current as of July 2023. This table shows a comprehensive list of all standard call charges. Bespoke customer packages are available on request. All prices are +VAT. Code Route Destination Outbound Minimum Charge Connection Charge 93 Afghanistan Proper 0.3014 0.01 0 93 Afghanistan Mobile 0.3792 0.01 0 355 […]