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Tariffs and Charges – VOIP Services (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Our Hosted VOIP PBX system is charged at 3 rates, Bronze, Silver or Gold. All extensions are billed at the same rate per month of £7.50 | £10 | £12.50
Bronze service includes only basic access to the system and support for issues. It does not include any changes you require us to make to the system, nor replacement of any faulty hardware, nor any software licenses.

Silver service includes any changes you request us to make to the system, full support and basic software licenses

Gold service includes full support and maintenance including replacement of faulty telephone equipment, full software license

Our standard VOIP tariff rates are published below. We do offer more bespoke pricing based on certain contractual obligations, please contact us if you would like to check your bespoke package rates or discuss your requirements.

Calls are charged per second, with a 1p minimum charge per call. We do not impose a connection charge for regular calls, although some fixed-rate, premium-rate and international calls do have a connection charge because of their nature. These are listed on the full rate card.

For UK Non-geographic calls, the charges are now based on a service charge and an access charge. The service charge is set by and paid to the network operator at the other end. The access charge is what we charge you for calling these numbers. Our access charge is 5ppm+vat, and the rates show below include our access charge.

For information about traditional fixed-line, broadband and mobile internet services, please click here.

Landlines 01/02/03 = 1.2ppm
Mobiles – Major Operators (EE/O2/Three/Vodafone) = 8.8ppm
NGN Access Charge: 5ppm
Other Destinations – please click here for our full international ratecard.

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