Lansalot Email Server Settings

Email Settings

If you have email services supplied by us, you may need some settings to help you set up your email software (if we have not done it for you already, or if you are setting up a new PC etc).

The settings you will need are as follows;

POP3 Server :

IMAP Server:

SMTP Outgoing Server:ย

Account Username: your full email address e.g.

Password: supplied by us


Outgoing Emails

When sending emails you need to ensure that you have enabled authentication. In Outlook this is found in the ‘More Settings’ section, under Outgoing Server. Tick the ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication, and verify that the circle-box Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected.

You are also advised to go into the Advanced settings, and change the SMTP port to 587. This will avoid any problems caused by spam-paranoid internet providers (this specifically includes Sky).



POP is an ‘older’ protocol designed for you to download your email and delete it off the server, where IMAP is more designed for the email to remain on the server. You are welcome to use IMAP to access your emails, but please remember that there is a limit of 2Gb storage on the server. If you run out of mailbox space you will not be able to receive any more emails, and we will make a charge if you need us to intervene. Office365 might be a better solution if you are considering IMAP for any reason.


Office365 Exchange Accounts

For Office365 users (paying Microsoft on a monthly basis for service) the login is

More details can be found in our Office365 post.



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