Server Time

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Adjusting the clock on a server

Sometimes the RTC (Real Time Clock) on a comptuer can wander, and if not kept in check, can end up with employees leaving early or starting late.

You can sync the clock on the server to an external time source – which is nice – no more worrying about the clock-watchers.

The command to do so is;

net time /setsntp:europe.pool.ntp.org

Obviously we are using the NTP service, for which you (and possibly your clients) must agree to the T&C before doing so.


To make the change take effect and have the time sync, run;

net stop w32time

net start w32time


If the customer has more than one server – remember to sync the other servers to the main server with the command;

net time \\server /set /yes

Otherwise users may not be able to access the server!