Small Business Server

So what’s Windows Small Business Server about?

What does it offer my business – why would I want one?

I will answer that question with another question – what does everyone in business want? Customers yes – but when it comes to computer systems, Windows SBS has it covered.

The main advantage of SBS is that it becomes the central resource for your company. Emails, Documents, Calendars, Photos – everything is saved in one place, accessible by everyone or no-one – but always available. PCs fail, people move around, job roles change. With SBS you know where your data is at all times.

  “I have an iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia E-series or Windows Mobile phone and want to set it up for my email”:

Exchange Activesync connects you not just with your inbox but also your calendar, your contacts and your task list, in real-time; securely and seamlessly. If you delete it on the phone, it is deleted from your desktop. If you reply from your phone, the reply is saved in your ‘sent items’ on your laptop. Now Blackberry Enterprise Server Express does the same for Blackberrys without the (previously required) higher-priced BES package.

  • Your PA or manager can book appointments in your calendar, which are immediately synchronized with your handheld device
  • You know immediately what your next appointment is, and when you are free for return visits
  • Save on double-bookings

“I want to work from home or in the field”:

Outlook Anywhere lets you use Outlook and all of the advanced features it offers when connected to Microsoft Exchange server. Specifically;

  • All of your email is saved on the server, so no need to worry about PC failure
  • You can access other people’s mailboxes – inbox, calendar, etc. and monitor what your employees are doing, add appointments for your boss, or lookup phone numbers from the company contact list.

Outlook Web Access also gives you access to your same mailbox by using a web-browser, such as at a hotel or internet cafe.

Remote Web Workplace lets you remote-control your office PC from home, giving you access to everything that you would have if you were at your desk. True RWW isn’t the only way to access your PC remotely, but it is one of the most secure, scalable, and integrated system that you get included.

  • Useful for access to bespoke database applications or software such as Sage; software that simply will not work over a VPN connection


“I have engineers on the road”:

Using the same Outlook Anywhere setup, Exchange Activesync on their phone and additionally VPN connectivity, your field workers can still feel part of the company setup. Their ‘My Documents’ are saved on the server too, so they don’t have to worry about laptops failing or going missing, since their work is backed up automatically when they connect to the office network either locally or over the internet using a secure VPN tunnel.

  • Don’t feel disconnected from your workers – have them use Outlook in the same way you do
  • Synchronize documents back to the server for sharing and backup purposes

Lansalot recommend SBS and we definately depend on our server every single day, whether in or out of the office. If you would like to see any of these technologies demonstrated, please call us on 01527 908316