ESET – Internet Security @ it’s Best

ESET Smart Security – STAY SAFE

The ONLY anti-virus / Security Suite we recommend.

With perfect solutions for

  • PCs running Windows or Linux
  • MAC computers – yes they CAN get viruses too
  • Smartphones
  • Servers and business environment, including Microsoft Exchange email server

Why we recommend Eset (in no particular order):

  • Fastest system we have found – uses very few system resources
  • Most reliable – never missed an ‘in the wild’ virus in over 18 years of VirusBulletin testing
  • Excellent UK-based tech support, who will even remotely remove a virus for you
  • Flexible licensing, from 1 to 100, increase/decrease as appropriate
  • Problem-free – most compatible, fewest problems

Check out the promotional video and then give us a call.