Backup & External Storage

If you aren’t backing up your critical data, you are taking a major gamble. Despite what you might think, computers are just machines and do eventually fail, sometimes taking all of your photos, documents, email and calendar details with it.

You should consider backup like you consider insurance. For some people, a minimum amount is acceptable. For others, a more comprehensive disaster recovery and /or business continuity plan must be made. As a home user, waiting 3 weeks for your data to be recovered would be a minor inconvenience. For a business, being without your computer system for even 1 day could cost hundreds of thousands in wages, lost revenue and damage to your reputation.

Lansalot offer a comprehensive service for home users, small and medium businesses – whatever your requirements. We will take the worry out of data loss, ensuring that should a problem occur there is a simple and rapid road to recovery.

We have a selection of backup options for home users, including

  • Online remote backup starting at £15/month (+vat)
  • Local hard-disk based backup setup
  • Locally-based NAS solution for multi-PC / laptop backup including MAC Time-machine compatibility

If you need to ensure all your valuable photos, videos, music and work are backed up on your home computer, call us for advice on the best solution for you.