Structured Wiring

The sockets in the wall that you plug your PC into to make it work on the internet – that’s what structured cabling is.

Of course a cable has 2 ends – the other end is terminated in a wiring cabinet (example pictures of our work to be added shortly). This is where the network equipment is stored, that plugs all the computers together and allows them to communicate. Often servers are also stored in this cabinet, ranging in size from wall-mounted at 20 inches tall to floor-standing at over 6 feet tall.

Using Cat5e or Cat6 cabling (the grade of cable determines the maximum speed) Lansalot provide an end-to-end solution for connecting your office.

Typically we would be involved with a cabling new office before the carpets and furniture go in. Cables are run, terminated on sockets and patch panels, and tested for connectivity. Sockets are also fully labelled for ease of identification.


Installation errors and mistakes can render an otherwise high-quality cable useless, and leave you experiencing packet loss, latency, or no connection for no apparent reason. Lansalot offer a full cable qualification service, certifying that the cables we (or anyone else) have run are not only correctly connected end-to-end, but that the sockets, patch panels, cables and terminations conform to TIA requirements for loss, crosstalk and supported frequencies. This service is the ‘gold’ service of cabling, providing a certification that all points are fully capable of running at the full speed they were intended to.

Fibre Optic

When it comes to fibre-optic cables, certification is paramount and is carried out on all of our installations prior to hand-over. Cables are run by professional installation engineers who adhere to the strict handling rules which includes limits on bend-radius amongst other things. This ensures that the fragile glass cores of the fibre ae not fractured during installation (again, rendering the cable useless).

Patch Cables

Lansalot additionally provide patch leads, both copper and fibre optic, for a complete end-to-end cabling solution. Call us to discuss your requirements.