Windows 2003 FRS Replication DFS+NTFRS

Windows 2003 FRS Replication DFS+NTFRS

Windows Server 2003 DFS uses the FRS File Replication Service aka NTFRS replicatoin service to replicate data between servers. Typically only the Sysvol is replicated (by default it is between AD domain controllers) but if you are using DFS to create a redundant or diversified infrastructure you may come into problems with NTFRS. Anyone still using Windows Server 2003 (shame on you – and me!) should read this.

There isn’t typically any monitoring included with NTFRS other than the event log. Not helpful if you have 80Gb of data to sync and have no idea whether it’s working or when it will be done.

Enter Ultrasound. This nifty tool from Microsoft allows you to monitor your NTFRS connections and see what’s going on with them. It will give you a health-check of your FRS connections and replications.

It needs an SQL database to install ‘into’, so make sure you have installed SQL Express first. Then specify servername\sqlexpress (or if you’ve installed SQL Express in advanced mode and specificed another instance name you probably don’t need to be told…)

You may also need to reference this information about forcing authoritative vs non-authoritative replication: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290762

Download Ultrasound from here: