Multipoint Server

Recently I’ve been on a ‘conference’ where I was introduced to Windows Multipoint Server 2011. The result of that is that I am somewhat excited about what is now possible.


Lansalot has always positioned itself to advise on and provide enterprise-class solutions to small businesses – because guess what? Small businesses have many of the same needs as bigger businesses, just not the budget. So the Multipoint product is an ideal addition to our portfolio.


In essence, Multipoint is ‘Terminal Services Plus’. Terminal services is Microsoft’s solution to centralised computing, running software on a central server but allowing users to ‘remote control’ the server and use the software. This is ideal for remote users, and especially for software that is designed to run on fast network connections but needs to be accessible via much slower networks, such as over the Internet.


Multipoint offers this, on the following basis;

– for 10 users in a ‘Standalone’ Mode (think like a home pc), or up to 20 users on a domain (think a pc on your server network)

– Connected by either a Remote Desktop connection from a pc, or a traditional thin client, or using a USB-connected ‘zero client’, both of which are significantly cheaper, quieter and more reliable than a traditional pc.

– licensed per-user or per-device

– provided either for installation on equipment of your choice, or pre-installed on manufacturer-subsidised equipment

– giving multiple users a full Windows 7 experience, from just a high-spec workstation-class machine (or small server platform) using optimised code to support more users with lesser hardware


Thats all good – but one ‘gotcha’ that has already come up is that you still need to purchase Microsoft Office products on a Volume License agreement. This makes the software significantly more costly than the alternatives, and the stipulation to start an agreement is a minimum purchase of 5 licenses.


Give us a shout for some details or demo of how Multipoint Server might work for you.