Moving From Personal Outlook to Office365

When moving from standalone Outlook to Office 365 you will want to retain your existing inbox, contacts etc. Here’s how:

The process involves importig your existing email into the Office 365 Exchange server. This assumes thatyour DNS has been setup with the autodiscover record for Outlook to automatically find the Exchange server.

  1. Determine the location of your PST file. To do this:
    1. Open Outlook
    2. Right-click on the top-level of your folder list – probably named Personal Folders or else your email address
    3. Click on Properties or Data File Properties
    4. Click on Advanced, and find the data-file location
    5. Click-and-drag to highlight the file location, then right-click and ‘copy’
  2. Setup Outlook to connect to Office 365
    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Open Mail
    3. Choose to Add Account
    4. Type your email address and Office 365 password
    5. Click Next, and when prompted for a username and password, use your email address and Office 365 password
    6. Outlook should continue to open and connect to Office 365.
    7. You will now probably have 2 inboxes, the Office 365 inbox (which won’t have much in it) and your previous inbox
  3. Right-click on the top tree level of your previous email folder- again possibly named Personal Folders, and choose Close.
    1. If you get a message that the datafile can’t be closed, you’ll need to go into the Accounts section of Outlook and change or remove the previous POP/IMAP account.
  4. Go to the File menu, Open, and then choose to Import
    1. Choose Import from another program
    2. Choose Personal File (PST)
    3. Click Browse, and then paste the location of the PST file which you have just closed
    4. Choose not to import duplicates, and next
    5. Choose to import into the top of the Office 365 mail folder tree, and check to import into the same folder

The process will take some time to complete – if necessary you can open a new instance of Outlook to continue working whilst the import continues in the background.

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