IMB Management

“Due to relocation, we recently had to move our home office twice in an eight week period.  Our business is entirely I.T. dependent, and the cost implications of being without our system were unthinkable.  Luckily for us we are clients of Lansalot Limited who came to the rescue and ensured we incurred the minimum amount of disruption.  During the move, we were only offline for a 2 hour period.  We had been informed in advance of how the move would be handled, when the downtime would be,  how long for etc, so were able to keep our customers informed, and crucially, we were able to plan for the interruption.  Lansalot Limited managed the whole process from start to finish;  dismantling and removing the hardware, temporarily hosting our server, sorting out a temporary broadband connection and eventually re-installing our system in its final location.  All of this was carried out courteously, professionally and efficiently; we have nothing but praise for the service and the staff, and would highly recommend Lansalot Limited to anyone requiring computer/IT support.”

Helen – IMB Management