GDPR Disclaimer

Lansalot Limited accepts no legal responsibility for your liabilities under the GDPR regulations and Lansalot Limited can only give you guidance and an overview of what you need to do towards GDPR in regards to your organisation’s information technology (IT and data held within those systems). All businesses are organic and hold different data in different ways. Guidance is intended to assist organisations with assessing their GDPR compliance progress. The GDPR literature given out at seminars is for informational purposes only. Any guidance or recommendations given by Lansalot Limited should not be relied upon to determine how GDPR applies to an organisation or an organisation’s compliance with GDPR, and they do not constitute legal advice, certifications or guarantees regarding GDPR compliance. The information and steps pointed out to organisations are only designed to help organisations understand GDPR. The implementation of GDPR compliance measures should be bespoke and we encourage all organisations to work with a legally qualified professional to discuss GDPR, how it applies specifically to their organisation, and how best to ensure compliance.