Web Services

Literally hundreds of companies offer web related services. We offer you

  • Friendly, easy service – we do all the hard work, just tell us what you want
  • One-stop shop for all your IT services
  • Assistance and guidance in setup of your email accounts on all of your devices
  • Or bring them in and we’ll do it for you

We find tha most of our web customers have similar problems;

  • “I don’t know what a domain is”
  • “I just want an email address I won’t lose if I change broadband”
  • “My phone/iPad doesn’t sync with my laptop”
  • “I just need a basic web presence, nothing fancy”

Our domain and email services start at £36/year and our websites start at £300 one-off cost (+vat)

We offer a fully-managed website for a monthly cost, including design, hosting and all changes you might need made during the subscription.

If you have a basic web/email requirement, we’d love to help you out.