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Encrypting your emails

Recently we have been asked by a client about sending encrypted emails, so this was written in response to their query, as it’s likely to crop up again with the GDPR edging ever closer. The first question perhaps should be, do I need to encrypt my email? This could be answered ‘no’ if you don’t […]

Knights in Shining Armour

Lansalot provides IT computer services to the small business and residential sectors, with free unbiased advice for all types of issues from BIG to small. By continuing to click on and visit other parts of this site you are agreeing to our cookie policy – click here for full details, or if you are not […]

Office 365 Questions Answered

Some of our clients have asked about moving from a server-based network to cloud-only and Office 365 in particular – removing the server(s) on-site completely – and the implications of doing so. Here’s a few of their questions and the answers. Also see this article about why we believe Office 365 is the best hosted […]

Office 365 is best

We think Office 365 is best for several of the solutions it offers when compared to various other solutions. Of course this is just our opinion and is based on our experiences of software, companies and customers. History Email started with basic POP and then IMAP type mailboxes. Moving from ‘just email’ to ‘groupware’ is […]

Is cloud computing for me?

Is cloud computing for me? A question I am being asked more often. My answer is always the same – it depends. There is a lot to know about cloud and navigating can be a minefield. Here is the vital information you need to consider before making a decision: 1. What sort of cloud solution […]

SBS 2011 replacement

Microsoft have discountinued the SBS line of software, a great-value option for a lot of small businesses including the massive power of Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Exchange Server, this is a fact. But many companies still need this sort of solution and are looking around for an SBS 2011 replacement. We definately recommend to […]

Office 2013, Windows 8, and Exchange server 2013

With the release of Office 2013 Microsoft has made some important – read ‘expensive’ – changes to various aspects of using Office and specifically Outlook with Exchange Server. Firstly, Office 2013 will only run on Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers. That means that if you want to run the new Office (whichever way you […]

Moving From Personal Outlook to Office365

When moving from standalone Outlook to Office 365 you will want to retain your existing inbox, contacts etc. Here’s how: The process involves importig your existing email into the Office 365 Exchange server. This assumes thatyour DNS has been setup with the autodiscover record for Outlook to automatically find the Exchange server. Determine the location […]

Office365 Catch-all email address

Office 365 runs on Exchange, which for some time has been without the ability to run a catchall account. I’d advise against catch-alls for various reasons, so this info is at your own risk. However if you really really need a catch-all setup, here’s how you can do it.   Let’s assume you registered your […]

Office365 Setup Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks we’ve gathered along the way of Office 365 and the Cloud; Distribution Groups These are setup via the link, look carefully – its on the main ‘Admin’ page.   Change your Primary Email Address You can change the primay email address of anyone OTHER than who you are logged […]

Nokia Email Setup – Microsoft Exchange

Here are the instructions shamelessly stolen (and slightly altered) from Microsoft, for setting up a Nokia E-Series enterprise phone with a Microsoft Exchange server. Additional note: You need the following before you get started: An internet connection; if you are out of 3G signal use Wifi: on the front screen, turn ‘Scanning for WLAN’ on […]

Lansalot Email Server Settings

Email Settings If you have email services supplied by us, you may need some settings to help you set up your email software (if we have not done it for you already, or if you are setting up a new PC etc). The settings you will need are as follows; POP3 Server : IMAP […]