Broadband / Internet 2022

We are pleased to announce some new prices and options for our internet services starting 1st Jan 2022. Why should you use Lansalot for your internet service? Provided, managed and supported by Lansalot Backed by major business-focussed internet service providers and infrastructure operators (Openreach and TalkTalk Business, amongst others where available) The same friendly, easy […]

Internet Connection – Broadband vs Ethernet

The internet is the same internet no matter how you connect to it – right?   If you’ve heard terms like ‘superfast broadband’ or 4G and have ever used their predecessors, ADSL and 3G, then you’ll know there are many differences between the technologies and what you can do with them.   This also goes […]

Office 365 Questions Answered

Some of our clients have asked about moving from a server-based network to cloud-only and Office 365 in particular – removing the server(s) on-site completely – and the implications of doing so. Here’s a few of their questions and the answers. Also see this article about why we believe Office 365 is the best hosted […]