We offer a variety of services, for both business and home users alike. For businesses we offer a prompt, professional range of services.

  • Ad-hoc support, both remotely and on-site
  • Comprehensive maintenance support packages
  • Server support, including server replacement, server migration and resolving problems
  • Network design and installation

The sort of problems we have solved for our business customers include:

  • A new server had been installed by the previous IT person, and he was unable to make Microsoft Exchange work correctly. This issue was resolved on-site within 30 minutes.
  • An older server was refusing to boot, and the company was unable to work. The IT person brought the server into our workshop where we identified a faulty RAID controller, and were able to order and fit a replacement, and return the server to them working within 48 hours.
  • Microsoft had requested a license audit, and the IT person needed some assistance and guidance on completing the audit and declaring what software they were running. 1 day of on-site consultation and some further advice afterwards brought the audit under control.
  • Operations had spread to a second site part-time and the customer needed both seamless IT connectivity, along with telephony service allowing. We designed and provided a remote-working server system, along with a centralised telephone system allowing the receptionist at site 1 to also service site 2, including answering and transferring calls.

If you run a business and are fed up with IT problems stopping you from getting on with what you do best, contact Lansalot for a consultation.