Internet Access

and which is the best broadband service?

Often we are asked ‘which is the best internet access’ or ‘which is the best broadband service’ and the answer is usually “it depends…”

In our years of experience with various internet companies and their various practices, we are able to recommend the following depending on your requirements.

Scroll down to read about the different types of broadband.

The providers we recommend are:

Utility Warehouse for Home or Business are a great option for smaller businesses and for multi-site businesses. They offer a range of services aside from internet and the required phone line, including mobiles phones and mobile broadband, energy and a cashback card. You can self sign-up online for home by clicking the links above. Businesses please give us a ring so we can pre-approve you before you sign-up.

Spitfire for larger businesses, or businesses with more specialist needs. Spitfire also offer SIP telephony either hosted or SIP trunks, and Lansalot as a Spitfire agent can advise and arrange Spitfire services on your behalf; Spitfire will bill you for your usage.

Clara.net for specific sites and customers, usually where the line rental must remain with another provider, or where all services must be billed by Lansalot. As resellers we will arrange all services and bill you for services provided through Clara.net.

The type of access you have will depend on your needs and budget, as well as availability of services in your local telephone exchange.

If you are able to get VDSL, also known as FTTC or Fibre to the Cabinet, and marketed by BT as ‘BT Infinity’ then this is about the fastest low-cost broadband widely available today. The price is a bit more than ADSL products, but the speed is usually phenomenally faster. BT aren’t the only company who can offer fibre so don’t be fooled – it’s just that they are the only people actively advertising it.

ADSL technology has been around for a while, and uses the traditional copper telephone cables already installed at your premesis. The speed will vary greatly depending on the length and quality of the cables between you and the telephone exchange. The price will vary by provider, sometimes by speed and contention, and largely by the availability of providers in your exchange. If only Openreach have equipment in your exchange then they are able to charge more money to sub-let the services to whichever provider you pay for your service. If other companies have installed equipment at your exchange, the competition is greater which drives the price down lower.

If you cannot get VDSL, and your ADSL is too slow, you may wish to consider a satellite based broadband. These are typically more expensive than either VDSL or ADSL, but provide a good alternative to people in more rural areas. The main back-end company to provide service is Tooway, and various resellers package services differently with different monthly, setup, equipment and installation costs. Search for Tooway and compare the packages; you’ll need to understand your monthly transfer requirements and how this impacts on pricing.