Internet Access Control

Internet access is a requirement for most jobs now – whether for research into customers, products, suppliers or even HMRC.

But with access comes responsibility. Does your company have an Acceptable Use Policy for internet access? Do you know what websites are being accessed daily by your staff, how much time is spent online shopping and social networking?

Lansalot have solutions to help you control and monitor internet access, restricting access to categories of websites such as social media, pornography and gambling. Access is denied to everyone on the network; so whether using a company PC or your personal iPad – the company’s liability for its internet services is safe.

Specific websites can be blacklisted or whitelisted also, so if the category exclusion is too broad we can fine tune it to exactly match your requirements.

Furthermore the solution helps to protect against malware and phishing websites, further reducing the cost of maintaining your computer network.

From just £20 per user per year, can you afford not to?

Talk to us about OpenDNS – we are one of their Managed Service Providers