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Document Management Software

Have you ever wondered how much it costs you in time filing paperwork, finding it again a year later (filed in the wrong place), and then re-filing it – not to mention the cost of actually printing it in the first place and the floor-rent for storing it.

Don’t look – find

Access your paperwork instantly with Docuware. Docuware is an advanced document management software solution, allowing you to store the equivalent of millions of pieces of paper in a box smaller than a single ream of A4.

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Docuware has an advanced indexing system, so you can quickly find the information you are looking for. If you aren’t sure whether it was an invoice or a credit note, or perhaps you want all invoices where you purchased a particular item – no problem. Docuware scans the whole document automatically to let you search for any word on the page. We know of no other system that can do this.


Docuware scales from a single PC right up to a several-hundred user installation. It has been around for many years, and redesigned with version 5 to support multi-server installation. It also supports laptops, and allows synchronizing of a filing cabinet for use on-the-road.

LANsALot supply and maintain Docuware solutions, including business-class desktop document scanners.


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  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Filing Accounts Payable
  3. Electronic Invoice Authorization
  4. Filing of Electronic Documents