Mobile Messaging

Anywhere access to your emails has been a reality for some time. Whilst initially accessible only to large enterprises, and a nicety, email on your phone is now available to all, and considered a necessity. If you can’t access your emails wherever you are, then you are potentially losing out on business. Speak to LANsALot […]


Jet Tec Jet Tec are Europe’s leading manufacturer of compatible and remanufactured inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges. Jet Tec inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges are produced or remanufactured under one roof in the UK and are compatible with the latest and most popular types of printers. Reasons to use Jet Tec products are: […]

Home Systems / Gaming Systems

Not all PCs are created equal – and few people know this or understand the differences. LANsALot provide superb PCs for home use, with exceptional PCs for the most demanding users. We can custom build high-spec gaming machines, or just one perfect for your individual needs; whether that be making music, creating electronic art or […]

Business Systems

Being in business is rarely easy – and if it is, it will seldom stay that way! We know that your your IT infrastructure will likely be one of your most critical business systems – along with your telephones, vehicles, and your other vital machinery. Lansalot will always recommend the best system for your requirements, whether that […]

VoIP Systems for Small Business (Voice Over IP)

VoIP or Voice over IP has made quite a stir in the telecoms industry recently. There are many reasons why you should look at a VoIP system for your small business, here are our top 5: Flexibility – VoIP offers you choices and options that traditional telephony models just can’t match. Home-worker and remote office […]

Structured Wiring

The sockets in the wall that you plug your PC into to make it work on the internet – that’s what structured cabling is. Of course a cable has 2 ends – the other end is terminated in a wiring cabinet (example pictures of our work to be added shortly). This is where the network […]

Laptops & PCs for the Home

Cheap IT is great – but not when it doesn’t work for you. Why should you invest a little more in a computer, rather than just buying the cheapest? What’s the difference between different specifications, different brands, etc? For the answers to these and your other questions in a one-on-one consultation, call us to make […]

Document Management

Document Management Software Have you ever wondered how much it costs you in time filing paperwork, finding it again a year later (filed in the wrong place), and then re-filing it – not to mention the cost of actually printing it in the first place and the floor-rent for storing it. Don’t look – find […]

Business Grade PCs

Businesses demand – LANsALot supply. Not all PCs are created equal – and few people know it. LANsALot have the experience to recommend a solution for you that will ensure you get the most efficient and reliable solution for your exact requirements. HP or Fujitsu Our normal recommendation for both business desktop PCs and laptops […]

ESET – Internet Security @ it’s Best

ESET Smart Security – STAY SAFE The ONLY anti-virus / Security Suite we recommend. With perfect solutions for PCs running Windows or Linux MAC computers – yes they CAN get viruses too Smartphones Servers and business environment, including Microsoft Exchange email server Why we recommend Eset (in no particular order): Fastest system we have found […]

Backup & External Storage

If you aren’t backing up your critical data, you are taking a major gamble. Despite what you might think, computers are just machines and do eventually fail, sometimes taking all of your photos, documents, email and calendar details with it. You should consider backup like you consider insurance. For some people, a minimum amount is […]

Altaro Hyper-V Backup

Altaro Hyper-V Backup

If you are running virtual servers then Altaro Hyper-V Backup is a must-have product. The complete no-brainer is that if you have 2 or fewer virtual machines, Altaro Hyper-V Backup is free! Altaro Hyper-V Backup is a full-featured and easy to use VM backup solution for Hyper-V, giving you all you need at unbeatable value, backed […]