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How to choose a printer

Getting ink onto paper sounds like a simple job – but it isn’t, and choosing a printer can be a difficult job. Essentially there are 2 types of printer you can buy – inkjet and laser. Laser tend to be better quality print, longer-lasting machines and designed for higher print volumes, whilst inkjets are more […]

Home Systems / Gaming Systems

Not all PCs are created equal – and few people know this or understand the differences. Lansalot provide superb PCs for home use, with exceptional PCs for the most demanding users. We can custom build high-spec gaming machines, or just one perfect for your individual needs; whether that be making music, creating electronic art or […]

Laptops & PCs for the Home

Cheap IT is great – but not when it doesn’t work for you. Why should you invest a little more in a computer, rather than just buying the cheapest? What’s the difference between different specifications, different brands, etc? For the answers to these and your other questions in a one-on-one consultation, call us to make […]

Business Grade PCs

Businesses demand – LANsALot supply. Not all PCs are created equal – and few people know it. LANsALot have the experience to recommend a solution for you that will ensure you get the most efficient and reliable solution for your exact requirements. HP or Fujitsu Our normal recommendation for both business desktop PCs and laptops […]

Backup & External Storage

If you aren’t backing up your critical data, you are taking a major gamble. Despite what you might think, computers are just machines and do eventually fail, sometimes taking all of your photos, documents, email and calendar details with it. You should consider backup like you consider insurance. For some people, a minimum amount is […]

Why-fi – which wifi router is best for me?

Wireless Networks are a very common thing nowadays and there is an expectation of connection everywhere you go. Large networks, in terms of either number of users or the physical scope of the network, can become quite complex to satisfy everyone’s needs – users as well as administrators. If you are need to deploy or […]

What are Docking Stations and Port Replicators?

What is a docking station? A Docking Station, also called a Port Replicator, is literally a piece of kit which your laptop docks with. In practicality, it provides a single point of connection for a laptop in the office, rather than separately plugging in a power adaptor, monitor, keyboard, mouse, monitor, network cable and maybe […]

What is VoIP?

Voip means different things to different people, so let’s look at what voip can do for you.   Background /history Voip is an acronym for Voice over IP – IP being the Internet protocol (gotta love nested acronyms!). The biggest significance of VoIP over traditional telephone systems is the  shift in the technical side of […]

Netbooks vs Notebooks

Netbooks have become a phenomenon over the last couple of years. What are te pros and cons? This article rounds up the common advantages and disadvantages of netbook and notebooks.   Netbooks Pros: Long battery life – typically 4-6 hours Lightweight and smaller than notebooks Typically lower purchase price Relatively low cost unit price Cons: […]