Beware Bogus Text Message (not) from Apple

Just a quick post to mention about a new(ish) type of phishing scam. I received this text message just now: Being the curious type, I opened the link (Hint – I doubt Apple would use, which is a perfectly acceptable and reputable company by the way) and was greeted with this: Yep that’s […]

Office 365 New Pricing 2017

Microsoft have made a couple of announcements around their Office 365 cloud product suites, and around how they see the business model going. In essence they have put the prices up from 2016 by around 20%, and have decided they no longer want to deal directly with end-users so are pushing for partners to deal […]

Office 365 is best

We think Office 365 is best for several of the solutions it offers when compared to various other solutions. Of course this is just our opinion and is based on our experiences of software, companies and customers. History Email started with basic POP and then IMAP type mailboxes. Moving from ‘just email’ to ‘groupware’ is […]

Is cloud computing for me?

Is cloud computing for me? A question I am being asked more often. My answer is always the same – it depends. There is a lot to know about cloud and navigating can be a minefield. Here is the vital information you need to consider before making a decision: 1. What sort of cloud solution […]

Moving Premises? Check your broadband speed first

If you are moving premises check your broadband speed first. Since the Internet is so integrated into our lives and businesses it is often important to know what sort of broadband speed you may be able to get before you commit to a 5-year lease. It isn’t as easy as you might think it should […]

Yealink EXP38 – Which button is Which?

If you own a Yealink EXP38 expansion module, you may ask ‘Which button is which’? The EXP38 offers 38 programmable buttons for the T26 and T28 model phones, including dual-colour LEDs which can be lit or flash in green or red. As you look at the unit the buttons are split into 2-column-pairs, and are […]

Windows 2003 FRS Replication DFS+NTFRS

Windows 2003 FRS Replication DFS+NTFRS Windows Server 2003 DFS uses the FRS File Replication Service aka NTFRS replicatoin service to replicate data between servers. Typically only the Sysvol is replicated (by default it is between AD domain controllers) but if you are using DFS to create a redundant or diversified infrastructure you may come into […]

Server Rebuild and Disaster Recovery

This week’s topic is “What I learned during a recent Server Rebuild and Disaster Recovery” session, in which a RAID system failed catastrophically on a Windows SBS 2003 server. Anyone who knows about SBS knows that most people who have it have only 1 server, and so for this company the business was largely offline […]

Why-fi – which wifi router is best for me?

Wireless Networks are a very common thing nowadays and there is an expectation of connection everywhere you go. Large networks, in terms of either number of users or the physical scope of the network, can become quite complex to satisfy everyone’s needs – users as well as administrators. If you are need to deploy or […]

Manually setup Outlook with Office 365 Wave15

Microsoft have recently updated Office365 to ‘wave 15’ which you’d see as a dramatic change in the admin portal, Outlook Web Access etc. But it does mean that previous setup instructions for users without Autodiscover setup (maybe during transition time) are now useless. Here is the procedure, stolen from the video posted at Login […]

Small Business Server

So what’s Windows Small Business Server about? What does it offer my business – why would I want one? I will answer that question with another question – what does everyone in business want? Customers yes – but when it comes to computer systems, Windows SBS has it covered. The main advantage of SBS is […]

Windows Service Desk Scam

Here is a copy of an email sent to Lansalot customers on the 12th March 2010 about a recent issue we have had. UPDATE 2010-10-24 We currently have a case open with Worcestershire Trading Standards, however please contact your local trading standards to report this scam.   Dear Customer, Apologies for the bulk email – […]