Working from home Guidance – VOIP phones

With the Coronavirus progressing and advice from government that we should work from home where possible, many customers are asking us about the options for answering their phones from home. Here’s a quick rundown of the options:   Forward to mobile: It is possible to forward calls to your mobile but typically forwarding a main […]

Office 365 Questions Answered

Some of our clients have asked about moving from a server-based network to cloud-only and Office 365 in particular – removing the server(s) on-site completely – and the implications of doing so. Here’s a few of their questions and the answers. Also see this article about why we believe Office 365 is the best hosted […]

Adobe Reader 11.0.9 Error opening this document

Here’s a problem we encountered recently – if you update to Adobe Reader 11.0.9 and then get an error every time you double-click on a PDF file saying ‘Error opening this document’ you might want to know how to fix it. In essence it seems that Adobe no longer trusts PDF documents on a network […]

Server Password Expiry

Many of our customers have a server network with a server password expiry policy, meaning they have to change the password every 30 days or so. We have had a few clients come across this issue – when your server password expires, what do you do? What about if you aren’t in the office? How […]

SBS 2011 Remote Desktop Gateway Service aka tsgateway not installed

I came across this minor/major problem on a recent install. This was a migration install, and after the SBS2011 migration had completed it’s first section, a message appears saying that migration was successful but that there were errors. This turned out to be related to the Remote Desktop Gateway Service, aka TSGateway, which when looking […]

Moving From Personal Outlook to Office365

When moving from standalone Outlook to Office 365 you will want to retain your existing inbox, contacts etc. Here’s how: The process involves importig your existing email into the Office 365 Exchange server. This assumes thatyour DNS has been setup with the autodiscover record for Outlook to automatically find the Exchange server. Determine the location […]

Office365 Catch-all email address

Office 365 runs on Exchange, which for some time has been without the ability to run a catchall account. I’d advise against catch-alls for various reasons, so this info is at your own risk. However if you really really need a catch-all setup, here’s how you can do it.   Let’s assume you registered your […]

Problems Sending Emails

Here’s an informational article to help explain why ‘proper’ emails might bounce. My legitimate email was rejected – why? When mail servers receive incoming requests, they are now employing a variety of methods to determine if the sender is a spammer. These include; –    IP realtime blacklists – checking with a database provider such as […]

Office365 Setup Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks we’ve gathered along the way of Office 365 and the Cloud; Distribution Groups These are setup via the link, look carefully – its on the main ‘Admin’ page.   Change your Primary Email Address You can change the primay email address of anyone OTHER than who you are logged […]

Nokia Email Setup – Microsoft Exchange

Here are the instructions shamelessly stolen (and slightly altered) from Microsoft, for setting up a Nokia E-Series enterprise phone with a Microsoft Exchange server. Additional note: You need the following before you get started: An internet connection; if you are out of 3G signal use Wifi: on the front screen, turn ‘Scanning for WLAN’ on […]

Exchange Server – Mailboxes vs Groups

Updated July 2016 – This article now includes information about Shared Mailboxes which is particularly relevant to Office 365 as you do not have to pay extra for them. These are slightly different to a full mailbox because the user account associated with them is disabled, so you cannot login as that user and set […]

Server Time

the ramblings of bitter experience Adjusting the clock on a server Sometimes the RTC (Real Time Clock) on a comptuer can wander, and if not kept in check, can end up with employees leaving early or starting late. You can sync the clock on the server to an external time source – which is nice […]