Beware Bogus Text Message (not) from Apple

Just a quick post to mention about a new(ish) type of phishing scam.

I received this text message just now:

Being the curious type, I opened the link (Hint – I doubt Apple would use, which is a perfectly acceptable and reputable company by the way) and was greeted with this:

Yep that’s pretty convincing – it even says in the title bar doesn’t it? But you’re really looking at a page on a server named

If you’re not sure, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Social engineering attacks are getting more and more clever these days. You’ve got to be right every time; the scammers only need you to be wrong once to get your details.

If you’ve had anything like this and entered your details only to be told they were incorrect (I imagine that’s what happens next) please please visit Apple’s ID website directly at and change your password, and turn on 2-factor authentication. It’s a pain, but it might just save your account details from being compromised.